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I began my love for flintknapping like most everyone else---finding "arrowheads" at my grandfather's place as a boy. In my mid-teens a tried to make my own points from waste flakes I found. I would place the tip of a 12 penny nail on the edge of the flake and pull it toward me. Yea I know, stupid! I did learn to close my eyes at just the right moment, I'm not blind, thank God! I also learned a little about platforms, though I didn't know what it was called. I learned too, that doing this in my bedroom sitting on my bed was not a good idea. My mother nearly had a cow when she discoverd all the tiny chips in the carpet.
Years later,after marriage and two small sons, I found a book tittled "The Art of Flintknapping" by D. C. Waldorf. I soaked it up like a sponge. I ordered some tools and rock and quickly made gravel. In 1997 a buddy of mine told me of a class he heard of at Poverty Point in northeast Louisiana. He and I made the class and had a wonderful time. I've learned alot since that time, and I'm still learning. I like building Clovis points, and am very interested in Folsoms. I also like Caddo Blades and "Bird Points". I have knapped a lot of Georgetown, other Texas flints, Novaculite, some Peoria, and "Louisiana Gravel". Most of the native LA points were made from these small pieces of chert.
Thanks for reading my ramblings and check out my pics.

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    Sorry abot the long delay in your question. I'm still trying to figure out this site. Just thought I'd let you know that it's dover.
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    Hi big brother i"m glad you showed this site to me


    Reply from knapperdnl:

    Hey little brother. Glad to have you here! You need to put some pics on your profile.
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    Dennis, I'm sorry I didn't recognize you earlier. I was with Mike Hood down at Nibblets Bluff in November. I remember meeting you there. We chipped a little bit down there. Mike

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    I noticed in one of your posts that you heat treated some novaculite from magnet cove in AR. What temperature/profile do you use?

    Thanks, Dave
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    Thanks and yes I do use a jig for my Cumberlands but most of the time on Clovis points I just hand flute them. Thanks for your Compliments, Jeff Gatewood.
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    Reply from knapperdnl:

    The cumberlands and folsoms are two point styles I would like to be able to make.

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